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The first two chapters of the organic salvation which we have seen in the previous chapters are: regeneration and salvation. These are the base of the transforming working of God in his children. In what consist, to live God?. It consists of three areas: social life, familiar life and the life of meetings of the Church. In truth these three areas form, the Church life, Many think that the Church life is about being together only with the bothers .Absolutely, no. As much the familiar life, the social life is part of the Church life, because in these three areas we always have the necessity of the presence of the Lord. Can we have always his presence?. That will be possible only if we were totally reconciled with Him in our spirit all the time. That must to be our yearning in everything that we do and we speak.
Regeneration and the reconciliation are bases of our spiritual growth; regeneration this related to the divine life and the reconciliation to the spirit; without life and spirit never we will reach the objective of God: to reach the maturity. We need to give value at the life of God in us and the fact that we can live and walk in the spirit, since these factors are in our gradual growth until maturity.
In this I chapter we will speak of the others aspects of the organic salvation. Is good to point out here, again, that the process of the organic salvation requires of our active participation, since we are people in charge of its development. Because it is organic it happens gradually step by step. We can compare it to the metabolism that happens in our body. Metabolism is the set of necessary internal reactions to the alive organism, for the formation, development and renovation of its cells, daily, our cells are form, they are developed and they replaced the old one. The organism needs power, from our ingested foods.
In the organic salvation a similar process happens. The word of God, come to us as spiritual food giving light and life, brings new elements to us, for the formation of the "cells" of new man and removes everything outside that belongs to the old man. It is necessary that we get rid of gradually of the characteristics of the old man, that we stay in newness of life, is necessary to us to live by the new man created according to God, in justice, and sanctity of truth (Ephesians 4:22) Being holy is totally related to that; just let us put off the old man and put on the new one. That becomes practical and real, when we lived and walked by the reality of the spirit.
With respect to the judicial redemption, it was Christ who justifies us; He himself became me our justice, in the organic salvation. Justification, we can say that is subjective, is the result of receiving the righteous life of Christ, it prompts, in us to practice righteous acts. Justice is opposed to sin. To have an unjust conduct it is to have a conduct in sin. Ephesians 1:13 say: "and you also were included in Christ when you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation. Having believed, you were marked in Him, with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit". This happened at the moment of our regeneration establishing therefore a spiritual principle: When we act in the spirit, our actions are in agreement with the justice of God and we are in this way, sealed by the Spirit that is to say, we received His approval. If we lived and we acted by the flesh. Will the Spirit sealed us and approved us? Absolutely, not. If we acted in the natural sphere of the soul will be able the Spirit to approve our attitude? Certainly not. When we do something in the spirit, more the Spirit confirmed, he approved and he sealed our action. Therefore, we must always stay in the spirit so that; spontaneously we are being approved for the Spirit.

Justice in the Bible is represented by the clothes. When Adam sin, he did for himself a clothes of leaves of fig tree to cover its nakedness this was his effort to justify himself. But its own justice did not last long time, then the leaves were dried and his nakedness again was exposed. Then God, in order to redeem it provided to him with clothes made of animal skins, probably with a lamb and it covered it. Those clothes prepared by God do represent Christ as the justice of man.
We, who before we were sinners, were chosen, save and redeemed by God, and by the regeneration we were made His children,. Then, we were transferred of atmosphere, leaving the empire of darkness’s for the kingdom of God. On the one hand, we are His destined children to be His heirs (Roman 8:17) and on the other hand we are being prepared like pure virgins to be newlywed to Christ (2 Corinthian 11:2).
For the marriage the necessity exists, that the bride to prepare herself. The history of Esther reveals important aspects on this fact. To be presented, displayed to King Ahasueros she would have to pass through a period of preparation of twelve months: six months with myrrh a condiment that symbolizes the death, and six months with aloe, that symbolizes the resurrection. After that preparation she was ready to be presented at the King. Psalms 45:13,14 present, in detailed figures this fact. These verses register the history of the daughter of the King in the interior of the royal palace with two clothes: one of brocade in gold and the other embroidered. The first clothes that are brocaded in gold represent Christ who is our justice, this clothes we received it at the moment of believing in Christ as our Lord and Savior, to receive this clothes did not demand any effort of us, it was Christ the only one who could do it, but exists another clothes which give us the right to enter in the presence of the King. These dresses embroidered demands our work, is done of needle to needle, and this demand our responsibility. Each embroidering is an attitude approved to us by the Spirit. This way, point by point, our dress of justice is made.
To embroider clothes require of suffering.
To be embroidered implies suffering. Without a doubt, all the men prefer a free life of sufferings. All flee from sufferings. We are like children who flee from vaccines by the simple one fact of being sunk by the needle; nevertheless, later, when understands that that is the way not to contract a disease, accepts the needle without fear.
In order to be in the presence of King Jesus in the day of His coming, we today must live in the spirit and all and be wiling to deny our soul, especially when we are under circumstances that we don’t agree with.(1 Peter1:6,7). This will free us to undergo the thousand years of discipline in the outer darkness. Today, we must embroider our clothes, to be approved and sealed by the Spirit in everything what we do
To deny the life soul life
Mathew 16:24-25. It is not enough to speak only about to deny the soul life, is necessary to practice. To deny the soul life means not to act according to our own thought and will, or according to our emotion or decision, this without doubt makes us suffer. But when see at our hope, the milenial kingdom of Christ that he has prepare for us, we will see that it is worth the trouble of denying ourselves today. If we are in the spirit, we will not feel the sufferings that happen to us; and we will accept, without saying anything, the needles in different situations.
Finally, when that dress is totally embroidering, we will enter with joy in the presence of Jesus, who is our King, to his chamber, together with our companions, (Psalms 45:14), the other over comers, the bride who is his body. Therefore, today we needed to conduct ourselves doing righteous acts. If we do not have the dress embroidering in that day, we will not be able to enter his presence. Mathew22 mentions to us of a place called the outer darkness, where there will be cry and gnashing of teeth. That place is prepared for all those that appear in front of our Lord Jesus without the nuptial clothes. This is very serious.
Each son of God must embroider his nuptial clothes with responsibility. We are already in the century twenty first, and millennium will arrived shortly, in this kingdom Christ will rein with his over comers. Are we ready to participate in this millennium? The true question in fact is this; Do we really want to participate?. If we want or not, that will be demonstrated for how much we have allowed our clothes being embroidered. The Lord, he has not come because he is patient towards us and hoping that we will finish the preparation of our clothes. Therefore, we need to use our time wisely to take effort in, embroidering our clothes putting attention and responsibility, so that we will not be shamed in the coming age, to be sent in the outer darkness
By the. Redemption of Christ we have been sanctified, being brought out of the world to a position of holiness. Now what we needed is the process of the sanctification that is the holy life of God being added within us.
The third group is formed by the renovation of our mind and transformation (Roman 12:2). Our mind needs to be renewed by the Spirit. All type of practices, tradition and religious concepts that have prevented our spiritual advance, must be turn down. Many have become attached to the Biblical revelations of the past and they do not accept the revelation that the Spirit has given us in these last days. This make their mind old ,hindering them to advance. No only in their mind more also in their emotion can have barriers. For example when we sing certain hymns we remained deeply affected, because the melody together with the words it touches our emotion. That emotion is often confused with the true spiritual benefit. For that reason, our emotion also needs to be renewed, that is to say, to be controlled by the Spirit. We have the custom to say that we loved the Lord, but to love Him requires it, that we pay a price, to deny ourselves and to allow His works in us. To remain passively waiting the coming of the Lord, it is not the attitude of one who truly loves Him. To maintain a diligent spirit and fervent attitude this is to demonstrate love for the Lord. If you say that you love Him do not be sitting around, and go to preach the gospel There is no time to lose, because the Lord wishes to return quickly
In 2 Corinthians 3:18 we read that we are being transformed of glory into glory to its own image. For that we needed to deny the soul life , is then that it happens the transformation and this it does not occur from night to morning, is step by step . A good example of that is the metamorphosis, thus a larva transforms itself into one pretty butterfly. After a time in which the single larva feeds itself, the moment arrives for locking in itself, in a cocoon that she herself tiles. It limits itself in the cocoon, by some time, and later she breaks it herself, arising a butterfly. This process is not immediate, but it is slow process of transformation. The larva in its initial state does not have beautiful aspect. Us at the beginning of our spiritual life no we have a beautiful aspect. We are ugly, even bringing the characteristics of old man. But little by little the Lord gives His life and He puts us in cocoon that is the Church life, or His body, doing of us prisoners of Christ. That freedom to walk by where we wanted and to do what we understood it is limited by being place in a cocoon. Within the cocoon it happens the transformation. The period for the transformation to be completed varies of person a person, depending this on the personal disposition and the search foe the Lord. Without a doubt, after some time we will be transformed to the image of Christ.
The conformation is something that happens in the spirit when we are, in in fellowship face to face with God.
In the book of Song of Songs is mentioned "chambers of that one who conceived me" (3:4).talking about to the spirit. In this verse we found one mention to the conception, to the gestation. A gestation when it is complete lasts two hundred eighty days or forty and two weeks. In the Bible number forty denotes in the first place, test and suffering. That is the negative aspect. That number has also a quite positive sense; it represents a period of deep communion with God. When Moses stays forty days in front of God, this time was neither of test nor suffering. Instead of that it was having a candy and intimate fellowship with God. We have another aspect, when the Lord resurrected was forty days with its disciples speaking of the Kingdom. Those days were not days of test but of sweet communion with Him.
After forty weeks, the boy in gestation this totally formed, ready to be born. In Galatians Paul is compared as one who is suffering pains of childbirth, for the Galatians, until Christ is formed in them.
All this indicates clearly that to be conformed is not something utterly, is inner. We need of forty weeks so that we are conformed to Christ, to be as He is.
To be glorified is to be like God. I John3:2. The last Roman verses in chapter 8 us shows us that nothing will be able to separate us of the love of God in Christ our Lord. That is the complete salvation, trough His life in us.





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