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It is peculiar that the book of Leviticus finishes with some verses on tithe (27:30-34). Apparently, this subject it would not have to be in such wonderful end, irredeemable consecration. The truth, the best way to prove our consecration, is the matter of tithe, this must be a normal experience in our christian life

The Climax of the consecration
Since we have already said before, the height of the consecration it is the irredeemable offering. The animal put on the altar of holocaust was totally consumed by the fire, which was reduce to a single handful of ashes. This picture describes the experience of the Apostle Pablo well. according to his own words to the Corinths "Because according to I think, God has exhibited to us the apostles like as last of all, as sentenced until death; then we have gotten to be a spectacle at the world, the angels and them " (1 Co. 4:9). According to their description, the apostles are as if they were"sentenced until death "; they are rejected.
Poul continue saying: "We are foolish by love to Christ, but you prudent in Christ honorable ,but we despised . Until this hour we suffer hunger, we are thirsty, we are naked, we are slapped, and we do not have a place to dwell. We got tired working with our own hands; they curse to us, and we blessed; we suffer persecution, and we endure. They defame to us, and we requested; we have come to be until now like dreg of the world, the remainder of all " (versus 10-13). Such men they constitute the model of a total and irredeemable consecration, being able to be used by God without reserves.
Participation in the work
Now you will be able to argue that your situation is different from the one from Paul. He dedicated all of his time to the work of the Lord , due to his circumstances he must dedicate himself to His use. Nevertheless, you also can consecrate everything to the Lord, you can live a consecrated life life. All your being, your time, everything that you have, is for the Lord. This is a irredeemable consecration. You no longer live for yourselves , but for the one who live and die for you (2 Co. 5:14-15). This works for you, because you also can to have part in the work of the Lord with the money that you earn.
The brothers of the Church in Philippi, they participated in the work of the Lord. Since it was not possible to participate to them directly in the work trusted by God to Paul, neither they had conditions, nor it was necessary that all they accompanied Paul in his trips, they participated in this great burden through their finances.
"But I rejoice in the Lord greatly because now at length you have caused your thinking for me to blossom anew; for which matter you have indeed taken thought, but lacked opportunity" Paul said to the Philippians Phip 4:10 . The continuous one "though , you did well in, to participate with me in my tribulation. And you also know philippians, that in the beginning of the preaching of the gospel, when I left to Macedonia, no Church participate with me in regard to giving and receiving, but you only; then to Thessalonica even you sent time and time again to me for my needs. It is not that I looks for a gift, but that I look for fruit that abounds in your account"(versus 14-17)
The offering of Material Wealth
In 2 Corinth Chapter 8, Paul gives testimony of the churches of the province of Macedonian in relation to the offerings of material wealth. The concept of the men in general is that to give it is to lose something, nevertheless the concept of God is that to give it is to receive. They fill the Apostle, with many requests, to have the privilege to give something. They did not lost their possession but they obtained the grace of God. And not only they did that "but they gave themselves first to the Lord, and to us trough the will of God "(v5). This shows to us that the material offerings are the result of a consecration to the Lord..
Truth is God doesn’t need of our money, because, "mine it is the silver and mine is the gold says Jehovah God of the armies" (Hag 2:8) the sacrifices and holocausts of the Old testament talk about to same: "Because mine it is all beast of the forest, and the thousands of animals in the cols. I know all the birds of mounts, and everything that moves in the fields belong to me. If I were hungry I wont ask you , because mine is the world and its fullness".
Haleluya!! what the Lord wants is our heart "Because where is your treasure will be your heart "(Mt 6:21).
The principle of sowing
All old farmers know the infallible principle, more sowing means more harvests. This principle was used by Paul: "the one that sowed barely harvested barely; and the one that sowed abundantly, abundantly harvested"(2Co9;6) God said" He whom bountifully supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed, and increased the fruits of your justice "(V10)
The material money or goods that we obtain are divide in two categories: seed and bread. A part is for our sustenance, our subsistence that is the bread. The rest is seeds to seed. God he is wonderful!!! He knows our need and He gives bread to us so that we live for Him. Let us know to distinguish between the seed and the bread, so that we wont consume it. When but we give the Lord he will give seeds to us. "Prove me said the Lord ,if you will , by this says Jehovah of Hosts whether I will open to you the windows of heaven and pour out blessing for you, until there is not room for you"(Ml 3;10)
Now we know because after speaking on the irredeemable consecration, the book of Leviticus finishes with the subject of Tithe. The this complete and perfect way to end the subject of consecration. God obtains not only our being, but as result in experience, He also obtain what we have. Thus we have the privilege to participate in the work of the Lord with what we are and what we have, to expand the gospel and to build his body.




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